Cook Local Japan

This collection of Japanese gourmet recipes was put together to promote tourism and raise interest in regional areas of Japan, using ingredients that can be found outside of Japan. While cooking and eating, you can discover the tourism websites and social media pages of all 47 prefectures. We hope this will encourage you to visit Japan!

However, although this website only shares recipes using ingredients that can be found overseas, there are many recipes from all over the country that use ingredients that can only be found in regional areas of Japan. The recipes below are only a small selection of local gourmet food from each region. To discover the full delights of Japan’s finest cuisine and enjoy authentic local food, please visit Japan!

Please note: Sometimes dishes with the same name are found not only in one prefecture but are enjoyed in several prefectures (or regions). Also, in order to easily enjoy recreating these dishes at home, some recipes have been simplified.



“Towada Gyu-barayaki”
Sweet and spicy soy sauce stir-fried beef and onions.
*from Aomori
Deep fried ham with crispy breadcrumbs.
*from Akita
“Aizu Sosu-katsu-don”
Rice bowls with pork cutlets in a sweet and sour sauce with cabbage.
*from Fukushima
Pork saute marinated in a miso-based sauce.
*from Kanagawa
Duck and vegetable stew with a soy sauce broth.
*from Ishikawa
Chicken and vegetables grilled in a sweet and spicy miso-based sauce.
*from Gifu
Beef soup with a Japanese broth.
*from Osaka
Deep-fried chicken and burdock with a sweet soy sauce based sauce.
*from Yamaguchi
“Imabari Teppan-yakitori”
Sweet soy sauce stir-fried chicken.
*from Ehime
Deep-fried chicken in a light batter (Chicken tempura).
*from Oita


Hot pot with fresh tuna and leek.
*from Tokyo
Salmon marinated in soy sauce.
*from Niigata
Hot pot with mackerel and vegetables.
*from Shimane
A vinegared dish with squid and vegetables.
*from Saga


Soy sauce-based soup with walnut and brown sugar dumplings.
*from Iwate
Deep-fried skewered potatoes with crispy breadcrumbs.
*from Tochigi
Konnyaku, mashed tofu and vegetable salad.
*from Gunma
Deep-fried potatoes with a sweet miso-based sauce.
*from Saitama
Stir-fried aubergine with a miso-based sauce.
*from Toyama
Miso-based soup with vegetables and dumplings.
*from Yamanashi
Boiled tofu with various condiments.
*from Kyoto
Cooked satoimo coated with sesame.
*from Kochi


“Kahoku Tsumetai-nikusoba”
Cold soba noodle soup with chicken.
*from Yamagata
Udon noodle soup with chicken and vegetables.
*from Ibaraki
Spicy ramen with minced pork and onion.
*from Chiba
Spaghetti with vegetables and a ketchup based sauce.
*from Aichi
“Kameyama Misoyaki-udon”
Stir-fried udon with a red miso based sauce.
*from Mie
Ginger-flavour udon noodle soup.
*from Shiga
Somen noodle soup with chicken and vegetables.
*from Nara
Harusame noodle soup with pork and seafood.
*from Kumamoto

Rice bowl etc.

“Obihiro Buta-don”
Sweet soy sauce stir-fried pork rice bowl.
*from Hokkaido
Omelet rice with pork cutlets and demiglace sauce.
*from Fukui
Dumplings filled with miso-flavoured aubergines.
*from Nagano
Pancake with pork and colourful pickles.
*from Shizuoka
Stir-fried rice and yakisoba noodles with spicy sauce.
*from Hyogo
Ginger-flavoured cooked rice.
*from Wakayama
Spicy rice bowl with pork and natto.
*from Tottori
Rice bowls with pork cutlets and a demiglace sauce.
*from Okayama
Pancake with pork and yakisoba.
*from Hiroshima
Rice bowls with pork and bamboo shoots.
*from Tokushima
Soy sauce stir-fried rice and udon noodles.
*from Kagawa
Baked cheese curry with cheese.
*from Fukuoka
Soup with rice cakes, chicken and vegetables.
*from Nagasaki
Riceballs covered with pork.
*from Miyazaki
Cooked rice soup with chicken and various condiments.
*from Kagoshima


Rice cakes covered with sweet edamame bean paste.
*from Miyagi
Round deep-fried doughnuts.
*from Okinawa