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Tsurugajo Castle

Outline of the Japan Study Tour 2024

This year’s tour is hosted by Fukushima Prefecture, on the theme of “Reconstruction and Recovery”

Full Theme Title:  Reconstruction and Recovery from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster – Industry, Produce and Cooperation. 

Theme Description:

The Great East Japan Earthquake of September 2011 and the incident at TEPCO’s Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant caused great damage in Fukushima Prefecture and the process of recovery continues. More than 12 years have passed since the earthquake, and a variety of reconstruction projects are proceeding in different parts of the prefecture. 

Industry – In the coastal areas of Fukushima Prefecture, forced to evacuate due to the damage caused by the tsunami and the nuclear power plant accident, researchers and businesses from home and abroad have now gathered at a base established to create new industries. The following is an introduction to the new attractions of Fukushima Prefecture, where much future development is expected. 

Candidate sites: Fukushima Robot Test Field, Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field, others TBC.* 

Produce: In June 2022, import restrictions on Japanese food products were abolished in the UK. Promoting the quality of local produce is an important measure for the prefecture, such as publicising food safety and security domestically and internationally, and the prefecture has actively promoted the attractiveness of food at every opportunity. The participants will be introduced to these efforts and will be able to fully enjoy the culinary attractions that can only be experienced in the local area. 

Candidate sites: local sake breweries, strawberry farms, agricultural centres, and others TBC.*

Cooperation: The Great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident caused a sudden drop in tourism and private-sector exchanges, but various initiatives have led to a recovery through international cooperation projects, including inbound tourism. In particular, the city of Motomiya in the prefecture has been active in youth exchange with the UK since the earthquake. The British Garden was established in the Motomiya when Prince William visited Japan, while a Fukushima Garden was built in The Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington.  The city was also host for sporting events as part of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. School exchanges are continuing, with junior high school students coming and going between Japan and the UK. The participants will be able to visit the British Garden with the opportunity to discuss experiences of living in the prefecture with the students who have visited the UK. 

Candidate sites: Motomiya City (British Garden), exchange with students, others TBC.*


JLGC London each year invites senior executives in local government and staff working in the public sector within the jurisdiction of the countries covered by our office (the UK, Republic of Ireland and other countries within Northern Europe) to Japan for a week-long tour and series of seminars and workshops: to exchange best practice, opinions and information on the current state and issues of local autonomy, and to deepen understanding of each other’s local autonomy systems.

JLGCs annual Japan Study Tour will next be hosted by Fukushima Prefecture, in 2024 after an orientation into local government at our head office CLAIR Tokyo in the capital and site visits to various facilities run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (details TBC), the city government for one of the worlds largest metropolises. 

The Fukushima Prefecture segment of the tour will help participants learn how Japanese cities of varying scale improve local services through a devolved local government system. Participants will see a broad spectrum of best practice and local government strategies including urban renewal, environmental protection and supporting local businesses and communities.

JLGC invites applicants from senior-level staff of UK and Northern European local government and public sector organisations to join this seven-day tour to see how Japan tackles challenges for the future.

Successful applicants will be asked to attend an orientation meeting at JLGC London offices (also potentially online) in December (TBC).

The Tour schedule details are tentative and will be updated on this page – Follow @jlgclondon on Twitter for updates on these details. 

*Full site visit details and the confirmed schedule are expected at the end of August

For more information, for any questions about eligibility or to request the application form and outline document to be sent as an attachment, please email “JST 2024 Fukushima” in the subject bar to mailbox@jlgc.org.uk. 

JST 2024 Participant Application Form (PDF)

JST 2024 Participant Application Form (Word)

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