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【INFO】’OPEN!! OSAKA’: Information about starting a business in Osaka

Osaka Prefecture has launched a programme to effectively communicate the appeal of Osaka business and investment to a global audience of companies, investors, and other stakeholders in the run-up to Expo 2025.

The programme seeks to raise interest in Osaka on the part of global business to spur tourism, encourage companies to establish a presence in the area, promote investment, and facilitate business matching.  

It has now published a video introducing Osaka’s business and investment appeal around five reasons that start with the letters O, S, A, K, and A on the prefecture’s website, YouTube, and social media.

There are also interviews with foreign companies that have come to Osaka and local startups embracing global challenges, so be sure to check it out. Please follow the prefecture on social media and share posts, too.  

・O  (Openness): Osaka, the city and people that enjoy doing business and working with partners across a range of industries

・S  (Smart investment): Office space and employees can be acquired at a lower cost

・A  (Accessibility): Top-notch infrastructure to service convenient access throughout Japan and the wider world

・K  (Key to Japan): Osaka is centre stage as the Kansai area sees continued development with the Osaka Expo drawing ever closer

・A  (Assistance): Subsidy systems and tax credits for foreign companies are fully implemented. Support services are also comprehensive and available

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