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【NEW】JLGC Online Seminar Video: Financial Promotion of the City of London

JLGC regularly holds online seminars for local government professionals and audiences in Japan led by experts across a range of topics related to local governance and finance in the UK and Europe.  

The most recent seminar, ‘Financial Promotion of the City of London as Finance District’ by Midori Yamauchi (Innovation, Growth, Trade and Investment Advisor at the City of London, seconded from Tokyo Metropolitan Government), can now be viewed here on our office YouTube channel.

The seminar aims to introduce the governance and workings of the City of London Corporation, the unique historic local authority for the ‘square mile’ centre of the British capital, as well as the emerging Tokyo-London city-to-city partnership around financial services.

The event, at just over one hour in length, can be understood by non-Japanese speakers using the subtitles option for English in settings.

Previous expert-led sessions as part of our online seminar series have included pedestrian-centred urbanism, innovation and startups in Finland, urban development in the UK, digital transformation in Danish government and the role of local governments in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The video will be available to watch for approximately two months (until April 8).