Surveys and Research

Surveys and Research

As an overseas office of CLAIR, JLGC provides support for the internationalisation efforts of local governments in Japan in a number of ways:

  • offering on-the-ground support for local governments working overseas
  • conducting surveys and research about policy and local governance etc.


One key mission is to help Japanese local governments access the evidence and data they require to sustain their work on behalf of local residents. For example, across our office activities we work with European counterparts such as ministries and legislatures, sister local government associations, regional governments, research institutes and other public bodies.

We provide the following research services to local governments in Japan:

  • Regular reports on policy trends in UK and European regions and commissioned content for Japanese specialist media (e.g. policies for regional revitalisation and internationalisation)
  • Commissioning research from universities and other organisations (e.g. Germany’s public services and regional autonomy)
  • Advising Japanese public bodies on arranging research activities in Europe, working with sister local government associations as appropriate (e.g. local bond financing in Sweden)
  • Bespoke analysis and insights in response to specific events in Japan (e.g. COVID-19, Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games) and for CLAIR programmes (e.g. supporting multiculturalism)


Each year CLAIR staff summarise the latest overseas information covering various areas such as local administrative and financial situations in each overseas region, development cases, etc. by field, and provides information to all prefectures, ordinance-designated cities, and other related organisations (ministries, agencies and non-profits).


  • City Branding and Diplomacy Strategies in the UK and Europe
  • Net Zero Policies among European local and regional governments


  • Behavioural Insight approaches in the UK – implementation of BI for local government policy in the UK


  • Gender equality measures in the UK – situation of tackling gender equality in the UK, in comparison to Japan and Nordic countries
  • Utilisation of AI in UK local governments – current situation and impact of transforming local government by AI in the UK by introducing successful cases of its usage
  • Social Care Provision and the Voluntary Sector – the impact of ways of working between the voluntary sector and local authority social care in England around tackling dementia
  • Walking and Cycling to Promote Local Revitalisation – the impact of active travel (walking and cycling) policies on local economic development and the Sustainable Development Goals


  • Multiculturalism Promotion – current issues, legal frameworks and policies aimed at promoting multiculturalism in communities and public services, both in the UK and EU
  • Night Time Economy – the governance and promotion of the night-time economy (NTE) among UK cities, including the impact of major events and public-private partnerships