About JLGC

Office Staff

Yoshiyuki KuronoDirector General
Seconded from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Narutoshi KimataDeputy Director General
Seconded from Aichi Prefectural Government
Noriyasu MotoyaAssistant Director
Seconded from Ishikawa Prefectural Government
Mayumi UnoAssistant Director
Seconded from Hyogo Prefectural Government
Sachiko TajimaAssistant Director
Seconded from Gifu Prefectural Government
Atsushi NosakaAssistant Director
Seconded from Wakayama Prefectural Government
Yusuke TakahashiAssistant Director
Seconded from Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Shoya AbeAssistant Director
Seconded from Sendai City Government
Andrew StevensChief Researcher
Keith KellyCommunications Manager
Victor ChuahResearcher