About JLGC

About JLGC

Our Responsibilities


The Japan Local Government Centre (JLGC) is the London Office of Japan’s Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR).  CLAIR is a Japanese government-affiliated incorporated foundation that works to support the internationalisation and revitalisation efforts of city and regional authorities in Japan, including through the JET Programme.

Our members include the Tokyo Metropolis, Prefectures, Designated Cities and all other Municipalities.  In addition to the UK, JLGC is responsible for the following countries within the European Economic Area: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.


CLAIR’s overseas offices, including JLGC, make use of their extensive networks for the benefit of Japanese city and regional authorities’ international efforts and offer flexible and detailed support. JLGC does this by:

  • actively developing and implementing plans for promoting and strengthening bilateral relations between Japanese cities and their European counterparts;
  • hosting and supporting events to promote the interests of Japanese local areas;
  • updating member authorities on trends in the UK and other countries by publishing various content and insight as well as bespoke research commissions;
  • researching partners for hosting meetings and inward visits by Japanese local leaders, facilitating and briefing such delegations; and
  • developing collaborative networks with political and opinion leaders, business organisations and the media, to promote Japan’s local interests and understanding of public policy through these.