Meet Paro in Harrogate

Paro, the ‘therapeutic robot seal’, will make his debut in Britain at the JLGC stall at the LGA’s annual conference in Harrogate (30 June-2 July). One of several examples of best practice from Japanese local government being showcased at the stall, he is loaned to us from Toyama Prefectural Government (where he is built), having […]


Tokyo tested for terrorism

JLGC’s Seiki Kimura (who is seconded from Tokyo Metropolitan Government) attended the 2009 Plenary Meeting of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism in The Hague this week. The meeting, held 16-17 June, was attended by 75 partner nations. Mr Kimura participated in the plenary session and two workshops to discuss and share best practice […]


Chuto / East Midlands

Ahead of the Copenhagen IOC meeting to determine the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games later this year, the Japanese Olympic Committee has chosen the East Midlands as its training base for the 2012 Games in London. Japanese atheletes will live and train at Loughborough, starting from this summer. A Memorandum of Understanding was […]


Kuzumaki has wind

The northern Japan town of Kuzumaki, Iwate prefecture, is making use of its windy assets in some very creative ways. Twelve wind turbines and three wind power plants generate enough power for 600 households. And if that’s not enough to blow you away, dairy cow manure is processed into clean fertiliser and methane gas. JLGC’s […]


A tale of two systems

The BBC is reporting that some parts of Britain are suffering from limited or no broadband access (so-called ‘notspots’) and that the government is pledging to wire up the rest of the country by 2012. Apparently it’s a similar story in Germany as well. However, the BBC also report today that Japan has access to […]


Word up

The JLGC website now carries the centre’s English language reports (ie. pre-translation to Japanese) on this page, which includes each month’s Monthly Reports (mostly British and German public sector topics), which are sent to all Japanese local authorities.


Know you got Seoul

London mayor Boris Johnson is in Seoul for the 2009 C40 summit of large cities against climate change. The London mayor was joined by Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara at the first session of the summit yesterday.


Sharing the burdens

The governor of Fukuoka prefecture Wataru Aso has called for Japan’s national government to shoulder more of the financial burden in its construction projects. Aso, who is chairman of Japan’s National Governors’ Association, said that he was in agreement with the Cabinet Office’s Decentralisation Promotion Committee, when it argued that national government needs to scale […]


Japan Day in Glasgow for Scottish SMEs

A “Japan Day” is being held at University of Glasgow on Monday 18th of May, 2009 from 2 pm to 5 pm for Scottish SMEs considering entering Japanese market. It will be hosted by Innovation Network, University of Glasgow, in cooperation with the Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh, JETRO London, Japan Local Government Centre London […]


Setting out our stall

JLGC is one of the sponsors of this year’s LGA annual conference, held between June 30 and July 2. If you’re in Harrogate this year, stop by our stall and say hello.