Rakugo in Edinburgh

Motoko Tsujii of the JLGC visited the city of Edinburgh on 18 May to attend the Rakugo in Edinburgh’ event, presented by the Consulate General of Japan, the University of Edinburgh, the Japan Society of Scotland, the Japan Foundation London and the Japan Local Government Centre.

Featuring the 5th Katsura Yonedanji, one of the most famous Rakugo artists in Japan, and Danjiro Katsura, the event took place at the Reid Concert Hall in Edinburgh.  Rakugo is the art of Japanese comic storytelling. It features a lone storyteller in traditional Japanese dress sitting on stage wth only a paper fan and small cloth to use as props. The stories are often quite long and feature large casts whose roles are all undertaken by the storyteller alone.

There were two stories performed to a full house at Tuesday’s event.

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