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Tokushima International Consumer’s Forum – Online Resources

The Tokushima Prefectural Government co-hosted Japan’s first G20 International Conference on Consumer Policy with the Consumer Affairs Agency in September 2019, while the Consumer Affairs Agency set up its Strategic Headquarters for Frontiers of Consumer Policy, CAA in the Tokushima Prefectural Government building as Japan’s hub for international operations of consumer administration in July 2020. In this way, the Tokushima Prefectural Government has been working closely with the Consumer Affairs Agency to contribute to a sustainable international society.

Held as a new style of an international forum for the Covid-19 era, this forum is now available for on-demand viewing at any time in the hope that the forum will lead to the development of a new consumer policy and bring fruitful results to consumers around the world.

Recordings of the online event can be watched here: https://www.pref.tokushima.lg.jp/en/world.consumer.forum/

The Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe has drastically changed the international situation for consumers. To contribute to a sustainable society while recognizing the ongoing social changes, the Tokushima International Consumer’s Forum 2020 invited the world’s leaders and Japanese experts in ethical consumption to share their progressive views and present the efforts of some Japanese companies, groups and local governments towards consumer-oriented management and ethical consumption to help achieve the SDGs.

Tokushima Prefectural Government also released an English booklet on March 5, 2021, to seek and promote two-way international exchanges. This is part of efforts to widely disseminate to the world the achievements of the initiatives taken by the Consumer Affairs Agency’s Strategic Headquarters for Frontiers of Consumer Policy and Tokushima Prefecture, and promote international information exchanges and coordination on consumer policies in the digital age. 

Tokushima Prefectural Government has been carrying out innovative projects together with the Consumer Affairs Agency while helping to promote the central government’s efforts to relocate government-affiliated organizations outside Tokyo.  

Tokushima Prefectural Government seeks partners to promote exchanges with administrative bodies, universities and other entities interested in consumer policies and consumer education undertaken by Tokushima Prefecture and Japan as a whole. How about having online meetings as a starter? Details are available in the booklet which can be downloaded here:

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