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【INFO】The 12th Iwate Manga Award Contest

The 12th Iwate Manga Award contest seeks to use manga as a medium to promote the many appeals of the prefecture and to share Iwate’s brilliant manga culture. All entries must be original works that have not been previously submitted or published, and must also be based on Iwate. All genres are accepted, and competitors may submit to either of the following categories:

*General category – create your own short story that focuses on anything related to Iwate
*1-4 panel (koma) manga category – create a one or more panel manga about Iwate.

In addition to receiving a monetary award, the winners of the grand prize and excellence award in the “General category” will be published on Comic Iwate WEB. For entries that have passed the first screening, there will be an opportunity for artists to receive constructive criticism regarding their work from a panel of comic magazine editors.

The “1-4 panel manga category” will be further divided into general (high school and above) or junior divisions and judged separately. Entries of all ages, beginners or professionals, are welcome. Successfully selected submissions may be published on the Comic Iwate WEB page.

For digital submissions, competitors will be able to easily submit via the online submission form on the official website.

For full terms & conditions and for instructions on how to enter see HERE: https://www.iwatemangagp.com/global/english.html

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