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Higashikawa, Hokkaido & Kengo Kuma: KAGU Design Competition, defining the value of “KAGU”

Higashikawa, a major producer of Asahikawa furniture, has established the “Kengo Kuma & Higashikawa” KAGU Design Competition in collaboration with architect Kengo Kuma, and is currently accepting applications for the competition. We are seeking designs for “KAGU” that will lead to the creation of a new, careful lifestyle for the young people who will lead the next generation.

The theme of the first call for entries is “Wooden Chair Designs”. Participants must be students and 30 or younger at the time of submission. The deadline for submissions is March 31st (advance registration required by February 27). Ten works will be selected from among the entries, and a public presentation will be held in Higashikawa in June for the final selection.

◆Theme:Wooden Chair Designs
◆Eligibility:Students under 30 years of age
◆Awards: 1 Kengo Kuma Award(Grand Prize – 500,000 yen / 3 Awards of excellence – 100,000 yen/ 6 Honorable Mentions 
◆Head Judge
Kengo Kuma(Architect, professor at the University of Tokyo)
Toshiko Mori (Architect, professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design)
Masahiro Harada (Architect, associate professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Teppei Fujiwara (Architect, associate professor at Yokohama National University)
Katsuhiko Hibino (Artist, Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts)
Asao Tokolo (Artist)
Noritsugu Oda (Chair researcher and design advisor to the town of Higashikawa)
Hiroshi Nakamura (Architect, NAP Architectural Design Office)
Eisuke Tachikawa (Design Strategist, Evolutionary Thinker, Representative of NOSIGNER)

・ December 2020   Application period opens
・ February 27th, 2021 Pre-registration deadline
・ March 31st, 2021 Application period ends
・ April 2021 First round of judging
・ June 2021 Final judging and awards ceremony(In Higashikawa) 

◆Competition Organizer
“Kengo Kuma & Higashikawa” KAGU Design Competition Executive Committee
(The Town of Higashikawa, Higashikawa Chamber of Commerce, Higashikawa Tourism Association, Higashikawa Agricultural Cooperative, Higashikawa Construction Association, Higashikawa Forestry Association, Higashikawa Promotion Corporation, Asahikawa Furniture Cooperative, Higashikawa Town Council, and the Higashikawa Board of Education)
◆Official Homepage(Japanese / English):https://www.kagu-higashikawa.jp/english/

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