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2016 bid enters final straight

As noted over at the Tokyo 2016 blog, the IOC’s Evaluation Commission Report has been published ahead of the final vote in Copenhagen on 2 October to determine the host city for the 2016 Olympics. Highlights of Tokyo 2016’s evaluation include:

“The Games concept is based on providing minimum travel time for athletes and other client groups, through a highly compact venue plan”.

“By organising the 2016 Games, Tokyo wishes to build upon the positive legacy of the 1964 Games through a combination of using former Olympic venues and building new facilities and infrastructure, thereby creating a “100 year” Olympic legacy”.

“…to demonstrate its determination, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which drives the bid, has financially guaranteed the Games and has established an “Olympic Hosting Reserve Fund” of USD 3.7 billion”.

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara said: ‘‘Tokyo was evaluated highly with regards to placing importance on the environment with its compact Olympics concept, efficient public transport system and financial capability.’’

‘‘We will continue to pour all our efforts in until the host city is decided at the IOC session in October.’’

Members of Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Assembly will be in Copenhagen from the end of September to campaign until the last moment for the bid.

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