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Tokyo tested for terrorism

JLGC’s Seiki Kimura (who is seconded from Tokyo Metropolitan Government) attended the 2009 Plenary Meeting of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism in The Hague this week. The meeting, held 16-17 June, was attended by 75 partner nations.

Mr Kimura participated in the plenary session and two workshops to discuss and share best practice with other nations based on the Japanese experience of preparedness for terrorist attacks and contingency strategies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presentation to delegates used the example of Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s field exercise of November 2008 to demonstrate how the city was prepared for such an attack.

He said: “Learning from this meeting, overall, in other nations such exercises are basically organised by central governments, and local governments are just involved for some extent. Considering that Tokyo’s population is similar to the population of Netherlands, and bigger than Denmark or Sweden, TMG’s case is rare.”

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