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Nikkei Glocal: UK Public Finances and Covid

An article by JLGC’s Head of Policy Research Andrew Stevens has been published in the latest (January 18) edition of the Japanese public executive magazine Nikkei Glocal on the impact of COVID-19 on public finances in the UK.

The article looks at the recent history of local government funding since the advent of austerity under the Cameron administrations onwards since 2010, now exacerbated by the impact of Brexit and COVID-19, particularly for London and its transport network. It also considers the public spotlight enjoyed by local leaders such as England’s metro mayors during the pandemic.

Nikkei Glocal is published by Nikkei Inc.’s Research Institute of Industry and Regional Economy, which aims to foster creative regions in Japan.  Its series reporting on local initiatives outside of Japan is compiled through the cooperation of Japanese overseas agencies such as embassies, trade missions and international representatives (e.g. CLAIR).

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