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A Manifesto for Researching Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

JLGC staff participated in a series of workshops throughout 2019 under the UK-Japan collaborative project  ‘Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystems in the UK and Japan – Place-based policy scenarios and options’. The project team aimed to build research collaboration between partners in the UK and Japan, and engage with policy and business communities cross-nationally, especially through partners CLAIR and the OECD.

The project team in the UK has now published their summary findings drawing on the two international workshops in Glasgow and Tokyo: ‘A Manifesto for Researching Entrepreneurial Ecosystems’. The document is available in both English and Japanese, which can be downloaded here [English PDF] and here [Japanese PDF].

The consortium has been led by University of Edinburgh Business School, thanks to funding from the UK Economic and Social Research Council and Arts and Humanities Research Council, supported through the Fund for International Collaboration delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

For more details, please see the project’s dedicated website.

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