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TRY! Kobe & KOBE Experience Guided Tour

TRY! Kobe (link) is a website that provides useful information for walking around the city of Kobe. It offers information on sightseeing spots, sports facilities, dining options, and places to buy gifts, primarily in the city of Kobe itself. The site is designed to help people in and outside Japan have fun in Kobe. 

Central areas such as Sannomiya, Motomachi, Nankinmachi (Chinatown), and Kitano are well covered, while many other lesser-known spots are introduced, such as Nagata, Shinkaichi, and Minatogawa, extending to Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya, as well as Japan’s oldest hot spring town, Arima Onsen, with its healing waters. Here you can learn about the many charms of Kobe.

KOBE Experience Guided Tour (link) is your list of Kobe musts and includes a hot spring dip and traditional Japanese geiko entertainment in Arima Onsen, washed down with the finest sake in the country in Nada and Kobe beef, which needs no introduction.

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