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JET Programme Ireland 30th Anniversary: Post JET Career Seminar & Returnee’s Welcome Home Reception

JLGC held a 30th Anniversary Post JET Career Seminar & Returnee’s Welcome Home Reception, at Dublin’s Merrion Hotel, in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in Ireland.

Ambassador Miyoshi and Fiona

Ambassador Miyoshi and Fiona

The event started off with a greeting by Japanese Ambassador Ms Mari Miyoshi and introduction to the evening by JLGC Director Mr Yoshiyuki Kurono, who gave an explanation about the role of JLGC, the London office of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations in Tokyo, and an outline of projects managed by the organisation including the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.  In 2017 JET celebrated its 30th anniversary celebrated by a range of events throughout the world in countries where the JET Programme recruits Assistant Language Teachers to work in Japan’s schools and Coordinators for International Relations working in city halls and prefecture HQs.

An invited audience of supporters of the JET Programme in Ireland then heard a range of presentations about JET’s role in Ireland-Japan relations, with details from former JETs about their current Japan-related careers and how JET skills and experience had helped them move into their various fields, including SMBC Aviation Capital Senior Vice President Karl Creevy talked about the huge growth potential for Japanese business in the aviation leasing field, for Ireland is a major international center. MUFG Investor Services Senior Client Relationship Manager Donagh Morris gave his views on how JET helps professionals get the right experience to understand the culture of a career in the Japanese workplace.

The evening finished with a talk by author and successful TV celebrity cook Fiona Uyema about her “Life After Japan”. A self-taught cook, food writer and author, Fiona is one of Ireland’s leading Japanese cooks and cookery instructors having appeared on RTE and TV3 on numerous occasions. Passionate about bringing the art of Japanese home-cooking into kitchens across the country and further afield, her first book, ‘Japanese Food Made Easy’ was published in September 2015.

Fiona’s love of the Japanese language, culture and cuisine began in Dublin City University where she studied Japanese and International Marketing. Having spent three years on JET living in the beautiful village of Nishiyama located in the Japanese region of Niigata, Fiona quickly immersed herself in learning about Japanese food from families and friends she got to know during her time there. In 2017 Fiona launched her own range of flavoured soy sauce condiments which are stocked by shops all over Ireland.

Former JETs Thomas Ranjo Marshall and Philip Horan ended the evening with a musical performance of Satsumabiwa and Shakuhachi, a traditional stringed instrument and flute respectively, while guests were able to enjoy a range of Japanese sake and plum wine served by JLGC staff giving an explanation of the drinks and what cuisine would accompany them.

JLGC would like to thank Ambassador Miyoshi and staff at the Embassy of Japan for their cooperation and to all the guests for attending the evening.