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【NEW】Tokyo Metropolitan Government International Affairs Email newsletter

Tokyo Metropolitan Government regularly publishes articles about pioneering policies and initiatives, as well as the attractions of Tokyo including its nature and culture, regularly issuing and sending an English newsletter to some 70 leading cities overseas and all of the embassies and representative offices in Tokyo.

New editions of ‘WHAT’S UP’ are now available online for reading:

Feb 16, 2024
WHAT’S UP vol. 43

International meeting held for city officials! / Tokyo Ambassadors Night held for embassies and representative offices in Tokyo

Dec 14, 2023
WHAT’S UP vol. 42

International meeting for city officials to be held! / Launch of Tokyo Innovation Base, the base for startup support

Nov 8, 2023
WHAT’S UP vol. 41

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 – Asia’s Largest Innovation Event! / Upcoming international conference on the social implementation of hydrogen energy by 2030

Oct 6, 2023
WHAT’S UP vol. 40

G-NETS Working Groups Plenary Meeting held / TIME TO ACT FORUM 2023 Energy Decarbonization