Japan Day Seminar

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JLGC Seminar

  • 2018 Sheffield: Northern Powerhouse on Track - Lessons From Japan’s Rail

The JLGC Seminar (previously Japan Day Seminar) is an annual event organised by Japan Local Government Centre to raise awareness of Japan’s cities and regions, providing a real-time opportunity to exchange information and ideas on local government policy and best practice concerning both the UK and Japan.

To register and for details of this year’s JLGC seminar in Derby on 1 February 2019, click here.

Previous seminars have covered various topics including transport, renewable energy and local growth. A full list of themes with the accompanying reports from previous seminars can be found below.

Previous JLGC Seminar Reports 
2017/18Sheffield: Northern Powerhouse on Track - Lessons From Japan’s Rail
2016/17London: International strategies for places
2015/16London: Better Ageing in Japan and UK City Regions
2014/15London: Fukushima Revitalisation
2013/14London: Local Growth, Global Links
2012/13Hanover: Renewable Energy
2011/12Gateshead: Investing in People and Places
2010/11Medway: International Partnerships
2009/10London: Strategies and Solutions for Local Communities
2008/09Derbyshire: Sustaining Regeneration through Partnerships
2007/08Cardiff: Devolution and Better Public Services
2006/07Edinburgh: Decentralisation, Devolution, and Delivery