Japan Day Seminar

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JLGC Seminar

  • 2018 Sheffield: Northern Powerhouse on Track - Lessons From Japan’s Rail

The JLGC Seminar (previously Japan Day Seminar) is an annual event organised by Japan Local Government Centre to raise awareness of Japan’s cities and regions, providing a real-time opportunity to exchange information and ideas on local government policy and best practice concerning both the UK and Japan.

A report for the 2018 Seminar in Derby can be seen here.

Transcripts from the four sessions (two presentations and two panel discussions) can be requested by contacting JLGC via mailbox@jlgc.org.uk

Previous seminars have covered various topics including transport, renewable energy and local growth. A full list of themes with the accompanying reports from previous seminars can be found below.

Previous JLGC Seminar Reports 
2017/18Sheffield: Northern Powerhouse on Track - Lessons From Japan’s Rail
2016/17London: International strategies for places
2015/16London: Better Ageing in Japan and UK City Regions
2014/15London: Fukushima Revitalisation
2013/14London: Local Growth, Global Links
2012/13Hanover: Renewable Energy
2011/12Gateshead: Investing in People and Places
2010/11Medway: International Partnerships
2009/10London: Strategies and Solutions for Local Communities
2008/09Derbyshire: Sustaining Regeneration through Partnerships
2007/08Cardiff: Devolution and Better Public Services
2006/07Edinburgh: Decentralisation, Devolution and Delivery