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JLGC Seminar: Better Ageing in Japan and UK City Regions

16 March 2016

15.00-17.00 (with reception to follow)

Church House (Harvey Goodwin Suite), Dean’s Yard Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ (map)

Eventbrite - Governing for Greying and Growth: Better Ageing in Japan-UK City Regions

In an era of decentralization and digitalization, how can city regions respond to make the most of these opportunities to create age-friendly environments as places which promote active inclusion and opportunity for all?

As the advanced aged society in the world’s most rapidly ageing region, how Japan’s cities develop and cooperate to produce people-centred visions for quality of life, which address varied challenges such as the need for more urban green space for active lifestyles and combating organized fraud, through to inter-generational housing solutions, will be the subject of international attention.

How we look at the future of ageing and aim to provide better solutions for all citizens in Europe and Japan will require new thinking on the roles of government, business and research, particularly around the rising urban challenges of coping with conditions such as dementia and diabetes among growing elderly populations.

But rather than seeing problems by focusing on welfare costs and the care burdens of an ageing society, is there a way to secure economic growth through these challenges, not least as new technologies and increasing longevity forces us to rethink of the world of work for all ages?

And how can those local authorities in shrinking regions away from urban centres do more to promote better access to transport to enable their ageing populations to continue to lead fulfilling lives?

This year’s JLGC Seminar will look not only at what cities in Japan are doing to promote age-friendly environments and harness the economic growth potential of the ‘silver economy’, but also how Japanese businesses are partnering with UK local authorities in developing data-driven optimal solutions which can enable older citizens to lead better lives.

Event partners from government, business and academia will ensure that the event develops innovative inter-disciplinary thinking for the policy landscape around the challenges and opportunities of changing demography.


  • Setsuko Saya, Head of Regional Policies for Sustainable Development Division, OECD
  • Dr Mayumi Hayashi, Research Fellow at Institute of Gerontology, King’s College London
  • Dr Anna Dixon, Chief Executive, Centre for Ageing Better
  • Reiko Shimoda, Innovation & New Business Development Manager, NEC Europe
  • Richard Elphick, Strategic Commissioner, London Borough of Camden

This will include a presentation by a participant of our 2015 Japan Study Tour to Yamanashi Prefecture (‘Challenges in Demography: Tackling Ageing Society and Shrinking Populations’), concluding with a panel discussion/Q&A among all speakers.

Chair: Jessica Studdert, Deputy Director, New Local Government Network

For more information please contact mailbox@jlgc.org.uk or 020 7839 8500


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