Supporting Japanese Local Authorities

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Supporting Japanese Local Authorities

Supporting Japanese Local Authorities

JLGC supports Japanese municipal and prefectural governments in a variety of ways in their international work and strategy, such as carrying out research, assisting delegations from Japan on official visits and research trips, as well as a variety of overseas PR for economic development by attracting tourism and inward investment (e.g. city promotion).

2018 research projects supported by JLGC include:

Survey of regional administrative and fiscal system

Initiatives and issues of Public Education Evaluation Organization (Ofsted), preschool education visits to current facilities and administrative support

Visit Mayor Aberdeen (Lord Provost)

Event PR

Helping local producers in Japan liaise with a local large furniture store related to traditional craftwork, PR

Supporting the Buddhist image exhibition at the British Museum

Visit to Germany and Bavaria Government officials

Visit to government officials in Wales and England

‘Writing Shakespeare’, PR of the London Exhibition of Japanese calligraphy

Exchange of opinions for further exchange development with the conclusion of the sister garden and PR activities of the UK “host town” decision at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Research trip to planning department of Lambeth Borough Council

Attendance at a conference on the promotion of electric vehicles

Homestay, study abroad experience support for young people

Attendance at Visit Japan RWC 2019 event

The current situation and problems of Japanese companies in the UK, and the impacts of withdrawal from the EU.

UK / France inbound sales for RWC 2019

Attendance at the International Medical Device Exhibition MEDICA 2018 held in Düsseldorf, Germany to promote new device, get feedback from potential suppliers.

Study research to solve the problems that municipalities have

Japanese sake PR

Survey on crisis management system and measures against terrorism in developed countries

Survey on cultivation of flowers in the Netherlands and cultivation of sales channels

Survey on general framework of social welfare in Finland

PR for Toyota City and Japanese Culture at Chatsworth Country Fair in Derbyshire, England

Investigation of contents of business evaluation method and calculation method

Exhibition at JAPAN MATSURI

Visit BID, GLA

For research on policy issues “Designing a new public space – Effective utilisation of existing assets”

Business trip for Rugby World Cup Limited Conference

Shikoku 1 round cycling event PR

PR activities of  Maniwa City in the UK

Discussion on sister city tie-ups, role of Japanese companies, research on strategies aimed at SMEs in the city

Discussion with Glastonbury on sister city alliance

Distribution of sightseeing PR brochures for Tokyo, the West, Australia

Tourism PR at WTM (Travel Fair)

Distribution at events etc. of prefectural museums and museum pamphlets for foreign tourists

Study on German family policy and compact city

Exchanging best practice with tourist organisations in Wales, Wales, WTM exhibition

Survey on inclusive education

HYPER JAPAN (British Japanese Culture Expo) Exhibition

Governor of Tokyo Governor’s visit to London

London Olympic and Paralympic Games research