Supporting Japanese Local Authorities

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Supporting Japanese Local Authorities

Supporting Japanese Local Authorities

JLGC supports Japanese local governments in a variety of ways for their international work and strategy, such as carrying out research, coordinating delegations from Japan on official visits and research trips, in addition to a variety of overseas PR for regional economic development by attracting inbound tourism, inward investment and so on.

In FY2018, some of the research projects handled by JLGC staff on behalf of Japanese local authorities were:

University places and regional policy

Smart cards and bus location systems

Local governance in Greater London and Greater Manchester

Product safety

2017 G20 Bonn Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

Remote working and coworking in London post-2012 Olympics

The governance and finance of London & Partners

London 2012 Volunteering Legacy

Zero Emission Vehicles in London Government

Edinburgh Festival Impact and Visitor Numbers

Rugby World Cup 2015 Fanzones

Each year the office is also commissioned to arrange and facilitate a wide range of delegations. Below is a selection of our 2018/2019 activity support (visits and briefings) undertaken by JLGC staff members (titles are translated from Japanese):

Local administration and public finances

Evaluation of public education (Ofsted)

Visiting the Mayor of Aberdeen

Meeting with national furniture chain for PR of traditional craft products

Meetings for Buddha statue exhibition at the British Museum

Meetings with German Lander

Meetings with the Welsh Government

Arrangements for the exhibition ‘When the Language of Shakespeare Meets the Calligraphy of Japan’

Visiting Brixton BID and Lambeth Council

Attending conferences on electric vehicle strategies

Meetings with appropriate bodies on the present state, problems, and the impact caused by Brexit on Japanese enterprises with a market in the UK.

Tourism PR towards RWC 2019

Meetings for sister city links with Camden and Manchester

Research visits for tackling food waste

Supporting Ishikawa PR and meeting with restaurants

Library management models

Information gathering for the exhibition at British Museum 2019

Researching post-Olympics venue use in London

Local authority animal welfare

PR for international Manga contest

Sake PR

Study for Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management 

Research for total service in social welfare in Finland

PR for Toyota City and Japanese culture at Chatsworth Country Fair

Exhibiting at Japan Matsuri, London

Visiting BIDs and the GLA

Research for new public space design – effective use of existing facilities