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JLGC's bi-monthly e-newsletter includes details of our activities, events and news from Japan, all delivered straight to your inbox.  JLGC is part of CLAIR, a joint network of Japanese local authorities working with central government ministries to promote international learning and partnerships.  We also facilitate the JET Programme, which has sent thousands of UK and European graduates to Japan to work in foreign language education and support international links in local communities.

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Featured Content

What's New High Speed Rail: Shinkansen's Local Impact Hureai Kippu - Lessons from Japan for the 'Big Society' Local Japan: Case studies in Place Promotion

A JLGC 'Local Japan' briefing, detailing the scale and presence of local cycle hire schemes in Japan, including an overview of their size and ubiquity.

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Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Christopher Hood, lecturer at and the Director of the Cardiff Japanese Studies Centre, Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University looks at the regional impact of high speed rail in Japan.

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Copyright Christopher Hood 2010. Published by Oxford University Press in conjunction with the University of Tokyo. All rights reserved

March 2011 INLOGOV briefing by Dr Sachiko Nakagawa, Dr. Rosario Laratta and Prof. Tony Bovaird examining the 'successful' Japanese initiative of hureai kippu (Caring Relationship Ticket Scheme) and its adoption by 'Big Society' advocates for its encouragement of volunteering. This briefing explains the history of the scheme in detail and the lessons it offers for the UK government.

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Copyright Institute of Local Government Studies - Birmingham. University

Using regional products and PR to revitalise local areas:  How local authorities in Japan use local products and inventive PR for regional economic development.  Read now.

Using pop culture to assert distinctiveness of place:  A look at three regions in Japan and how they use pop culture to create a distinctive place identity. Read now.

Using sustainability as city branding:  Looking at how the city of Kitakyushu aims to become world capital of sustainability, and Sendai City uses green assets for local development.  Read now.

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