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Toward City Diplomacy: Assessing Capacity Among Global Cities

As cities increasingly become influential actors on the global stage, they need to invest in resources, expertise, and capacity to manage their relationships and responsibilities to conduct city diplomacy effectively. A new report by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs think tank and University College London’s City Leadership Lab takes a look at how city governments are actively connecting and collaborating on a global scale.

Having considered 27 global cities, including Kyoto and Tokyo, the report’s findings suggest that:

• The majority of cities have an international strategy and a dedicated international office
• The city budget for global engagement is often minimal
• Only a few cities reported that their staff has undergone dedicated training for city diplomacy
• A majority of cities participate in international networks
• A majority of cities reported that city diplomacy has had a positive impact on their cities

You can download the report here. JLGC London assisted the authors with data collected on Kyoto and Tokyo.