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About JLGC

Japan Local Government Centre is the London office of The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), which was established in 1988 as a joint organization made up of local governments. CLAIR provide a wide array of support to the international activities of local governments to strengthen international collaboration that will stimulate communities, enrich peoples’ lives and ultimately contribute to deeper mutual understanding and benefit.

Constantly attentive to the evolving needs of local governments, our mission is to serve and provide assistance by keeping track of international trends, maintaining as well as strengthening friendly ties and collaborating with local governments and organisations abroad.

CLAIR’s network is comprised of the headquarters in Tokyo and seven overseas offices: London, Paris, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Seoul and Beijing. This base allows us to provide varied international services to local governments, because they deal with all aspects of their citizens’ lives: education, welfare, trade and industry.

Our activities include the internationally acclaimed JET Programme; investigating foreign local policies to address issues in Japan; assisting the overseas activities of local governments such as sister city relations or increasingly-important economic relations; providing information to foreign residents; as well as promoting multiculturalism.


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